WCW With SOM Talk Live: Micki Freeman | Talks Fitness, Modeling, & More!

Micki Freeman aka Anotherdamnleo born August 3 ,1983  is a fitness model “not just on ig “ , figure bodybuilder, personal trainer and a MMA fighter. 
Born in Queens New York raised in Washington D.C however current resides in Arizona for work. 

I have been in Arizona for 8 years as a Sergeant in a California male prison. When I’m not saving lives and keeping order I am making appearances.
In the past year n a half I have been featured in Pressure magazine, the dynasty series , Passion fitness magazine,86 Blvd and Black divas . I also make several appearances in the Kevin gates new coming video “ME TOO”.

In 2019 I plan to compete again and I’m going for my body building pro card , in the future I plan to open my own fitness and wellness center/ mentoring program for anyone that just needs an ear and wants to feel that they still matter in this world.

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